Green Not Fading as Fisker Fulfills Need for Speed

Wards Auto – Mar 30, 2015

Is Henrik Fisker Going Green?

Wards Auto reported that the auto world is a buzz with rumors as famed auto designer Henrik Fisker seems to be moments away from revealing a new joint venture.

Will the venture continue in the vein of old school combustible engines like the Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin V-8 Vantage, or BMW Z8 that Fisker designed? That would not be surprising given Henrik Fisker’s expertise as a designer of masterful muscle cars, as evidenced by his recent custom creation: a custom 725-hp Ford Mustang he calls the Rocket, a recent limited edition collaboration with Galpin Auto Sports.

However, it seems more likely that his new venture will follow in the footsteps of his former company Fisker Automotive, which had been designing hybrid-electric cars until the designer left in 2013. Wards Auto suggests that, “Fisker would like to see a future in which transportation systems are better integrated and technology advances make vehicles more affordable, truly giving consumers the ability to jump into different kinds of rides according to their needs.”

For the moment, the rumor mill will have to be sated by the new creations coming from HF Design Studio.

In the end, the truth is Fisker’s love affair with cars has always been apparent in all of his designs. That joy of finding the right car for the consumer, fuels his desire to look to the future of cars and to find a car that fits the commuter in traffic or the driver looking for speed and performance.

As he told Wards Auto, “I still love cars. I want to do something with cars, I couldn’t imagine a world without cars,” he says. “I think there’s still a lot of possibility to innovate in the car industry…there’s room to do something that is unique, something that people emotionally connect with.”

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