BMW Z8 Bespoke Cover Featuring Henrik Fisker Design Sketches

Z8 Cover

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The Story

Legendary designer, Henrik Fisker, meets legendary car covers in Coverking’s Bespoke Series. The resulting piece of art is a special edition Satin Stretch™ cover that features vivid, original concept styling sketches from the development of the BMW Z8.

Christmas gift? Order now and receive a card with a sampling of the sketches you will be receiving on your cover which will begin shipping in January.

  • Limited production, special edition cover
  • Features original sketches from Z8 designer Henrik Fisker
  • Made from form-fitting lycra fabric to accentuate body lines
  • Ultra-plush fleece liner to pamper your car’s finish
  • Tailored pattern for your BMW Z8 includes mirror pockets
  • Matching mirror and antenna pockets included
  • Designed with the fewest seams necessary for sleek look and best performance
  • Blind stitch technique to hide all seams
  • Elasticized bottom edge keep dirt and dust out
  • Intended for indoor use only
  • Made-to-order in California
  • Free shipping to continental US


If you own a truly special car, a high quality car cover for your most precious car is a must. Since the launch of the BMW Z8 in late 90’s, I have spent many great times with several dedicated and enthusiastic owners of the Z8, a distinct class of people who appreciate the exclusivity, passion and design cues behind the car. At the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours, I was very excited to meet with a very dedicated and passionate Z8 owners club, and had many in-depth conversations about the car and the excitement of owning a true timeless classic.I always get the question “How did you know it was going to be a timeless design?” When I first met with Steve Gupta, a car enthusiast and the owner of Coverking, a brand known for high quality car covers, we began talking about cars, the conversation veered towards the Z8, and we talked about protecting this amazing and priceless possession. I went to my design studio that evening and began sketching away, just the same way I started designing the Z8. I sketched all night, remembered the proportions, the details, and all of the nuances that ultimately have made the Z8 become a timeless design. Steve and I decided that we wanted to share that story with the dedicated owners of the BMW Z8. Out of our passion and great respect for this timeless legend, together we created the Z8 car cover that tells the story of the development, through my sketches placed over the custom fitted Z8 car cover. It’s high quality, limited and, some say it’s the love of art. I just love cars, and the BMW Z8 is my all time favorite.