Viking by Henrik Fisker


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The Story

Henrik Fisker became a co-owner and board member of Lauge Jensen in 2013, along with Anders Kirk Johansen from the Lego family in Denmark. The Viking Concept points to a possible volume-production direction for Lauge Jensen brand.

Whilst designing The Viking, Henrik Fisker was inspired by the sports cars he has previously designed. The result is a bike that retains a classic cruiser look sculptured into a dynamic, flowing design, in particular the tank, seat and rear fender blend together to create a seamless effect. Fisker believes this to be unique in custom motorcycles.

The Viking Concept is powered by a 45-degree V-twin producing 100hp, making the bike capable of more than 130mph. Yet it’s the first motorcycle of its type to comply with new, much more stringent Euro IV emissions regulations that come into effect in 2016.

The engine, built in Wisconsin, USA, has been carefully developed and tuned to achieve this without losing its trademark V-twin sound and soul.

Technical Specification:

  • Engine: Air-colled V-twin, 45 degree, Euro IV
  • Compression: 9:1
  • Transmission: 6-speed (5 and overdrive)
  • Power: 100hp
  • Top speed: 130mph+
  • Fuel economy: 70mpg
  • Dry weight: 299kg

For Ordering the Viking: